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Maltipoo Dads

This site is under construction ,we hope to have all moms and dads on site in the next few months .We will be moving to webon as tripod is shutting these sites in July ,so please look for our new links .
Health issues and the passing of family members has kept me from working on my sites .Please check back in the new year of 2009 and see us .....we are working hard to launch new sites and to make the ones we have more accessable and more informative ..changes in the making ..stay tuned !
A great place to communicate is at facebook.
You can find our talk board there I Love Maltipoos or you can add me as a friend  talk to us !
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This is our Maltipoo Parents  site . We soon will have photos of our mothers and fathers here ...
This photo above is a malti-poo baby .
His parents are a Maltese and a Poodle .
You can also have maltipoo parents .
So , here we are going to buld a site for the parents of our Maltipoo Babies ..
Keep checking back as this site will grow !

Maltipoo male puppies
Malti-poo Female Puppies

More Sites of Interest ......
we are a site .
We are not associated with the .com that took the poos4u name after us Look below for our links to our beautiful puppies .We have no available puppies ,we do have a couple older ones . Call or email us


Photo of a Maltipoo Adult


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